Soiled Restroom Cinema
There's bad movies, then there's REALLY bad movies. Honor Knight and his cavalcade of award winning Cinematic Flushers rise to the challenge to bring their unique brand of snark each week to the absolute worst Hollywood has to offer. You've never laughed this hard over a cinematic turd.

The Cinematic Flushers take on animated turkeys!  When a Presidential pardoned turkey named Reggie (Owen Wilson) meets up with another turkey named Jake (Woody Harrelson), the feathered pair travel back in time to the first Thanksgiving in an effort to get themselves off the holiday menu.  Many stale jokes and lame animation to follow.

Joining us as part of our extended co-flushing team this time out are Paul Hawkins from the BlokeBusters podcast, and social media manager Steph Wanamaker.

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