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There's bad movies, then there's REALLY bad movies. Honor Knight and his cavalcade of award winning Cinematic Flushers rise to the challenge to bring their unique brand of snark each week to the absolute worst Hollywood has to offer. You've never laughed this hard over a cinematic turd.

It's JINGLE TURDS month!  The Cinematic Flushers take on an internet meme! When a young girl (Megan Charpentier) makes a holiday wish into a shopping mall wishing well, she's suddenly able to hear every obnoxious comment Grumpy Cat (voiced by Aubrey Plaza) makes.  What follows are 85 minutes of lame jokes, shameless product placement, Lifetime quality acting, and dim witted villains.

Joining us as part of our extended co-flushing team this time out are content creator Sara Polton, and BlokeBusters podcast host, Paul "Cinematic Kitty Litter" Hawkins.

We love feedback!  Email us at with your comments and suggestions for future flushes, and be sure to check out our home restroom on the net,, where you can find links to subscribe!

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